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is down today youtube.

With more than 2 billion active users and more than 1 billion hours viewed every day, YouTube is one of the most important social video platforms on the planet in 2024. This means that for each active user more than 30 minutes of video is consumed daily so it is normal that with such an amount of data flow leads to the servers in this social network to present problems. And precisely that is the reason that has brought you to It’s Down Today, because YouTube is not working right now 2024 and you want to know what is happening, because throughout this article you will find out if it is a problem with your connection or simply that the platform is presenting problems right now.

How To Know What’s Wrong With YouTube Today 2024

You can’t watch videos, you get a monkey screen with a hammer and you’re wondering why doesn’t YouTube work today 2024. Well below we will learn if this problem gives it from a bad connection or if it is true that the platform is down at the moment.

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Check Your Internet Connection

Before checking the status of YouTube we must corroborate that our network connection is working properly, since it is very likely that the servers are not off at the moment and it is a problem of our Internet. That is why to find out what happens the first thing will be to try to access this social network from different WiFi networks and even from mobile data. We can also make a Internet speed test to know the status of our network, you can do it from the following link.

If after these checks the platform is still not working, it is very likely that YouTube is down now 2024.

Contact The Platform To Find Out If There Are Problems With YouTube Today 2024

If YouTube fails, another thing we can do to check if the servers are down is to consult the official forum of this social network. This way we will know if users are having problems with YouTube today 2024.

Is YouTube Down Today? 2024

Finally, to definitively check if YouTube is down today 2024 we can use an online tool called DownDetector which is responsible for collecting the incidents of users who have experienced problems on the platform. This way if we see any abnormal graph we will know that it is an unmistakable symptom that the YouTube servers are down today 2024. You can check Downdetector directly from the following link.

How To Know In Which Countries YouTube Is Not Working Right Now 2024

Finally, if you wonder if YouTube is down worldwide today in 2024 there is a website called Estafalling that allows us to find out with a heat map, this way we can see the geographical areas where the platform has problems. You can consult the map from the following link.

And ready, in this simple way we can know if this social network has errors and failures at this time.

If you have problems accessing the platform leave a comment and share this article to help other people … Thank you very much!.