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Pokémon Go Crashed Today NOT WORKING

Pokémon Go is down Today?.

Pokémon Go became very popular a couple of years ago and has millions of players around the world. This augmented reality video game is all about getting all kinds of Pokémons by moving through the streets of a city. The only problem is that although the servers are very reliable, sometimes users can experience some issues, such as Pokémon Go crashing and not loading. Well don’t worry, because at Is Down Today we’ll show you how you can find out what’s going on with this Nintendo mobile game.

What’s Going On With Pokémon Go Today 2024?

This game is characterised by not having very significant crashes, except at times of updates, in fact, the most common problems with Pokémon Go tend to be when updating the title, which stays loading. Crashes can also be detected in the game with login difficulties, sudden app crashes, lag during gameplay, problems loading city maps or problems authenticating the account.

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Check Your Internet Connection If Pokémon Go Stalls Charging

This Nintendo game requires an Internet connection, either via WiFi or data network, and this connection must be stable for the game to work properly. It can be said that it does not consume too much, but it does need a connection of a certain quality, so before detecting a major problem, check the quality of your WiFi in the section. It is also highly recommended that we check the connection status of our network by performing an Internet speed test, which you can access directly from the following link.

Pokémon Go does not work if you activate aeroplane mode on your mobile as it disables WiFi, mobile data and GPS, check that you do not have it active. In any case, you should also make sure that your GPS is working properly.

Contact Nintendo If Pokémon Go Is Having Problems Today

On Niantic’s official website you can find a support section dedicated only to Pokémon Go, where you can find a series of common problems that can be solved step by step with their instructions. In case they haven’t solved your problem, you can go to the top of the page and enter your problem in the “search support” section.

It is also highly recommended to check the official networks of the game, to see if they have made any statement about the problems that Pokémon Go Today 2024 may be experiencing:

How To Know If Pokémon Go Is Definitely Down Today 2024.

Pokémon Go has crashes throughout the day, if the crash is nationwide or affects a considerable number of players, as we expressed above, the game is going to communicate it on its official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. In some cases, Nintendo itself may also be able to make a statement if the failure is related to the connection to Nintendo Switch.

However, there are portals such as DownDetector that are dedicated to collecting incident reports from other users, so that we can find out why Pokémon Go is only closed today 2024. You can consult this tool directly from the following link.

How to Know In Which Countries Pokémon Go Has Problems Today 2024.

This augmented reality game has a very common problem that indicates that it may have crashed in your country: difficulty loading the map even though the GPS is activated and you have a good Internet connection. There are websites where you can find out the number of incidents at a national and international level, which users report by consulting a map of failures in real time.

For example, you can use this tool to find out if it is down worldwide today 2024.

Now you know why Pokémon Go is crashing and exiting the app today 2024, feel free to share your experiences with other users via the comment box. Don’t forget to share this information through your social networks. Thank you very much for everything!.