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Lol Is Down Today.

League Of Legends has a negative point, it tends to suffer partial or global crashes with some frequency. The main way to know if LoL is having problems is by going to the Riot Games support website, although here they only report major incidents. That’s why in It’s Down Today we’ll give you a series of tips so you can find out for yourself what’s going on with this Moba.

How To Know If League Of Legends Has Problems Today 2024

In the case of punctual errors, you will be able to check if it is a problem for you or for more users in countless portals that report these problems. You should keep in mind that sometimes with updates it suffers massive crashes. However below we will give you a series of tips that you can follow in case LoL servers have problems at this time 2024.

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Check Your Internet Connection

This problem can be a common occurrence in League of Legends. It should be noted that online games, and even more so those that need to be connected to a server, depend on the Internet connection. Before detecting a problem related to the game it is highly recommended that you check if you have good access to a WiFi network. You can enter any application that requires loading times such as YouTube, if it loads well a video means you have good connection. You can also check if you get good Internet to your PC, to check you can use the next page.

Contact The Company To Find Out What’s Happening With LoL Right Now

In order to contact LoL support you can go to the Riot Games support website, you can access directly with the following link:

Within the site you can contact the helpdesk or read articles of similar issues from other users. If you don’t find what you are looking for you can send a request and they will respond in a short period of time. You can also contact the various social networks to find out if they have made any official announcements:

How To Know If League Of Legends Is Down Today 2024

It’s very simple to find out if League Of Legends is down, just head over to the LoL section within the Riot Games support website. Here they will report major crashes, but not partial server failures. If you want to know if LoL is down at an exact moment, you can access many websites that offer real-time data of the video game crashes, as well as user reports. One of them is Downdetector and you can find out if the game has crashes just by entering this link.

How To Know In Which Countries LoL Doesn’t Work Today 2024

League of Legends has 12 servers of its own around the world, in addition to China’s own 29 and Southeast Asia’s 6. Each server is related to a world zone, to check if it is down in each of the countries you can transfer to a server in a different country.

This is not valid for Korea, as it requires you to have a social security number in the country. On the PBE server you also cannot check for crashes, it is intended for testing new updates to the game.

However, you can visit this website which will tell you exactly in which countries LoL is down right now 2024.

What about you, are you down with League Of Legends today 2024, you can express yourself in comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks.. Thanks.