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bbva is down today.

BBVA is one of the most popular banks in Spain and has millions of customers in Spain and Latin American countries. BBVA has developed a good service for its customers, although sometimes certain crashes cannot be avoided. In this case we are going to show you what to do if BBVA does not work.

Is the BBVA website not working today 2024?

It is very simple to check if the BBVA online banking website does not work today, some of the most common incidents are connection failures in the web portal or mobile app, slow loading in online media, inability to log in, error when making or receiving bizums or failures when linking an account at an ATM.

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Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes it is possible that the BBVA website or mobile app takes longer than usual to load, this may be due to your WiFi or mobile data connection quality or a partial or global system crash. Check your connection by loading any other website on the Internet, if it loads correctly all the content it is very possible that the incident is due to a fall of the BBVA online system. You can also use a page to measure your Internet speed to know if you are getting the contracted megabytes like this one.

Contact BBVA If You Have Problems Today

The crashes in BBVA are usually punctual, but this becomes a big problem if you have to make an urgent management. If you are an individual you can call the customer service number 900 102 801, if you are a company or SME you can call 91 298 35 96. You must keep in mind that these numbers are valid for Spain, they vary depending on the country you are in.

In any case, the bank will make a statement on its official social networks in the case of major falls, you can always check the most recent communications on networks in case of any serious incident, although the bank may take some time to make a statement.

How to Know If BBVA Has Definitely Crashed Today 2024

BBVA crashes do not usually last more than a few hours, they can last longer if they are making major updates or security revisions to the web portal or mobile app. You can refresh the web or app several times over the course of an hour, if the problems continue, BBVA is down for good.

You can also use the online tool Downdetector to find out if there are users reporting the same incidence, you can check it from the following link.

How to know in which countries BBVA is down today 2024

The fact of having many branches in different countries is related to better management of crashes, it is possible that a crash in the branch in Spain does not affect the one in Mexico. In any case, you can go to the Down Detector website to find out in which countries BBVA has crashed.

If you have any problem accessing this entity you can always expose your incidence in the comments section. Also remember that you will help me a lot by sharing this article with your friends and family through your social networks, thank you very much!