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Amazon Down today.

Amazon is one of the most important commercial giants of the moment, Jeff Bezos’ company has become in just a few years the leader in sales in countless departments, at this time has millions of buyers. If you continue reading we are going to explain why Amazon does not work today 2024.

Amazon Does Not Work Today 2024

This company offers coverage in hundreds of countries, so each has a separate Amazon server. This is partly positive because if the Spanish server is down it doesn’t mean that the French or German one is down. Amazon usually offers a good service and hardly any crashes are detected, the problems start in times of higher sales such as Black Friday or Christmas, also in system or app updates.

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Check Your Internet Connection

This is a very simple way to check if the problem with Amazon is due to the company or your Internet quality, the most reported problem by customers is slowness when loading the web or application.

To check if you have good Internet quality you can open an application that requires loading content of certain weight as YouTube or Spotify, if it loads correctly it is very possible that the problem is Amazon. If the problem is with your Internet, try rebooting your router or moving closer to the WiFi hotspot. You can also consult websites that measure the connection speed as the one I indicate below.

Contact The Platform To Find Out If Amazon Server Is Down Today

Amazon is usually a very active company on social networks, if it has had major outages nationally or globally it is very likely to communicate them through its official Twitter and Facebook account.

It is possible that they have not yet made a statement and you may have to turn to the help center which you can find at the bottom right of the page by clicking on Amazon customer care.

How To Know If Amazon Has Definitely Crashed Today 2024

Amazon usually reports its crashes on social networks, although communications are not always as streamlined as customers would like. As a second option you can always use incident detection tools such as DownDetector, there you will be able to find user reviews and a graph that shows you the Amazon incidents by hours and country servers. You can access this tool directly from the following link.

How To Know In Which Countries Amazon Is Having Problems Today 2024

The easiest way to know if Amazon is down in a country is to access the Amazon department of that location, just enter in the search engine “Amazon Germany” or any other country, you can also access with the web prefix ( in this example). This way you can manually detect in which countries Amazon is down. You can also use this website where you can see on a heat map what happened with Amazon today 2024 and find out in which countries they are currently experiencing problems.

Now you know if the Amazon servers are down today 2024 however if you have any problems you can leave me a comment and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks…. Thank you very much.